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Beaver Cream product shot - funny birthday, occasion and holiday cardsPremium, museum-quality greeting cards featuring outrageous, indelicate and wickedly funny holiday and occasion cards. You want funny birthday and occasion cards featuring a menagerie of misbehaving critters and mega-deranged people? You got it!

You want to see Santa stripped down, bare-knuckled, and letting it all hang out? No? Umm.. well, neither do we! But you will find some seriously funny Christmas cards and other holiday cards. So grab some coffee, your favorite stuffed animal for emotional support and get ready for some serious Beaver Cream! (Don't see what you need? Check back; new cards added each month.)

  • A period of seven days..
  • period of seven days.
  • A period of seven days..
  • The seven days beginning with Sunday or Monday..
  • A subdivision of the month into longer periods of work days punctuated by shorter weekend periods of days for markets, rest, or religious observation such as a sabbath..
  • Seven days after (sometimes before) a specified date..

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